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The Felt Room Blog.

This blog is a place where I can share various projects with visitors to the site. It isn't all felt related, I'll also include photographs of furniture I'm renovating, artwork I've bought & various other bits & pieces. Hopefully someone out there will find the things I post here of interest. Click one of the categories below if you'd like to see only posts relating to a certain theme.

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Ludlow Vintage Craft Fair, 10-12th September, 2010.

The Felt Room was at the Ludlow food festival as part of the Vintage Craft Fair. We we're in Castle Lodge, an amazing 4 storey tudor building on the High Street.

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Bridgnorth Music & Arts Festival, 29th August, 2010.

Sunny but windy day at the Bridgnorth Designer Maker Fair. Met lots of nice people and sold lots of Felt Room things.

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The Maws Craft Centre, Jackfield, Ironbridge. August 7th, 2010.

Fun day out with my felt room friends, 'sadly' had to say goodbye to one of the felt room cats who has found a new home :) hoping to add a few new furry friends to the felt room suitcase very soon!!

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The Maws Craft Centre

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